Monday, April 25, 2011

1995 Donruss #539

Card Review: 7.1  The 90's were a rough decade for Donruss.  However, this card, and this set has grown on me some over the decades.  The photo quality is very high, and it's clear Donruss was at least trying.  Personally, I think they had it right from '82 to '91, and should have just left the template alone.  Leaf was already serving as a de facto "high end" set.  I'm not just picking on Donruss, Fleer and Topps also made the same mistake.

Fun Facts: *Tim Wallach played in the post season for just the 2nd time in his career in 1995.
*Wallach was the 6th oldest player in the National League in 1995.

Number of this card in my collection: 2
2012 update: 3
2013 update: 20
2014 update: 22
2015 update: 26 
2016 update: 39
2017 update: 41
2018 update: 46
2019 update: 48
2020 update: 51
2021 update: n/a
2022 update: 52
2023 update: 53

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