Friday, April 19, 2024

Suffolk, Virginia


These 64 cards were sent by Tim of Suffolk, Virginia.  Tim has what must be a neighbor very near by named Russel who sent me cards back in 2022.

Tim's offering was a nice mix spanning Wallach's entire career that included seven rookie cards.  I typically don't see a lot of rookie cards in the mail, which I understand.  When you start going back to 1982, you're going back far enough that sending cards to a stranger might start to feel like less of a good idea, and if the most recent price guide I have (from about 2008) is to be believed, an '82 Wallach still demands 60¢ to a $1.  So I'm extremely greatful when someone sends me seven of them.

I'd be remiss not to point out that the two 1983 Fleer's were both autographed.  Very cool.

Also included in the lot were 3 cards of Wallach's former Alaska Goldpanners teammate and fellow Golden Spikes Award winner (University of Arizona, 1980) Terry Francona.  Very cool.  Here's a look at the cards.

In the mix were a few rarities.  Just my 3rd copy of 1995 Stadium Club 1st Day of Issue variant, and only my 7th copies of the 1991 Classic and 1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signature.

Thanks for the cards Tim!

Updated Totals:

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  1. Tim - Just stumbled into the LA Times article - which led me here....

    I think a have a couple pages of Wallachs from a card collection i bought a while ago - that i can send along....

    ... have you ever received APBA or Strat-o-matic game cards ??? Do those count towards your collection? No photo on card ... but part of team sets - to allow you to do replay seasons or draft leagues.... google for images.... this could be 30-35 *new* distinct cards .... since 1 per season per game company. i can try to help witb the APBA cards....

    Imay be able