Monday, December 20, 2021

Sportlots Pickups


I knew I hadn't posted anything in awhile, but I didn't realize it hadn't been since July.  My collecting has admittedly tailed off this year.  It's not that I stopped enjoying the cards, I just haven't been enjoying the noise around them.  The prices of vintage are out of control, the run on retail packs has made building current sets all but impossible, and the behavior of the lawn chair camper crowd in Target aisles has renewed an old stereotype about adults in this kids hobby that I didn't really want to be associated with.  I feel like I've seen this movie before, thirty years ago or so, and am confident these issues will work themselves out over time.  So I've quietly been going about my hobby business the last six months.

Despite my lack of posting, that doesn't mean I haven't been adding cards.  Rather than trying to build the 2021 Topps set by pack, I've focused much more on wrapping up the 1970's Topps sets with online purchases.  I've been particularly active on  That said, I am first and foremost a collector of Tim Wallach cards, so every time I buy a handful of stray 1971 or '73 Topps from a seller, I max out their shipping options with whatever Tim Wallach cards they also have available.  The result has been a lot of Tim Wallach cards, as pictured above.  I plan on doing a large post on Sunday about the non-Wallach cards I've been adding (and catching up on all my back mail before the end of the year), but for now, here's a run down of the 319 Wallach's I've added by way of Sportlots the last four months.

Updated Totals:


  1. Your first paragraph describes my 2021 perfectly. I'm still enjoying the hobby, just going with a different approach for the time being.
    Good luck with those 70's sets!

    1. As I close out the final cards in the two remaining sets I'm working on, I sort of feel like a dog who actually caught a car. I have no idea what to do next.

  2. It's been nice to see a couple of long-quiet bloggers pop up on my blog roll today, I was starting to get lonely.