Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Ramsey, NJ

These five cards (depending on what you count as a "card") were sent by frequent contributor Max of Ramsey, New Jersey.  This is about as an eclectic mix of cards I've ever been sent, at least in recent memory.  The ghost of Sy Berger forgives you if you don't immediately recognize all of these (I even had to double check the year on the O-Pee-Chee poster).  Here's a break down of what it all is.

The large item in the upper left is a 1985 O-Pee-Chee Poster.  I don't know much about these posters.  They come folded up (you can see the creases) and have a plain white back.  When I first published the post for these I mentioned I had no idea how these were distributed.  When this one arrived I once again did a google search and didn't find anything at first.  But I decided to follow up on a hunch and a google image search gave me the answer I suspected, these came inside packs of O-Pee-Chee along with a stick of gum.  "Bonus Poster" See the borrowed image below:

I wouldn't mind adding an unopened pack of those to my collection at some point.  I just wish "Expos" had been given top billing over "Blue Jay" on the wrapper.  

The sheet of three cards included is an uncut (unperforated?) copy of the 1986 Provigo Wallach.  Provigo is a Canadian grocery store chain.  The tiny sealed card is a 1987 Hostess.  A reader from Canada filled me in that these came inside bags of potato chips and is actually a sticker.  The display in grocercy stores had a free blank poster on which you could stick all the stickers.  If anyone has a photo of that I'd love to see it.  The final two are 1989 Topps "Baseball Talk" cards.  These are the ones with what is more or less a tiny vinyl record on the back that plays an interview with the player.  As a kid I had the player and the Wallach (and a couple others, they came three to a pack in the toy aisle).  This pair doubles the number in my collection to four.  Storage has always been a problem for me and both of mine were in less than ideal condition.  These two are in great shape and should stay that way given the fancy packaging used by Max.

Thanks for the cards Max!

Updated Totals:

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  1. I am happy to have doubled your Baseball Talk number because 14 year old Max and 46 year old Max continue to be obsessed with these stupid cards.