Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1989 Topps Baseball Talk #117

Card Review: 9.0,  the only knock on this card, besides the "record" on the back is it's size.  It's about twice the size of a regular card.  As far as I know Topps only did these for one year, 1989.  I bought the little record player (which is long gone) and one pack of these.  I'm pretty sure they came in packs of 3.  I don't remember for sure.  In any event, the Wallach is the only one that survived.

I listened to this a few times though I can't remember details (I'm tempted to get on ebay and buy a player, but then I'm sure I'd discover the card no longer works).  I know Wallach talked about not really knowing who the Montreal Expos were when they drafted him and that they weren't really on his radar.  I believe it also went into stuff like favorite food (mexican), number of kids, and the like.  If anyone knows where to get these recordings on mp3, please let me know.

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***UPDATE JUNE 2013***
Someone was nice enough to post a video of the card playing onto youtube

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  1. Great card. I agree... the size is sort of a pain. Before I found 4 pocket pages, I was struggling with a way to store these.