Monday, January 29, 2024

Eldersburg, Maryland

These 5 cards were sent by "KB" of Eldersburg, Maryland.  Eldersburg is located a little west of Baltimore and it's the first time I've received cards from there.  Included was a '92 Bowman base card.  That's one I don't see very many of.  Oddly, I do receive a good number of the gold foil Team USA '92 Bowman's in the mail from readers, far more than I do of the base card.  I'm not sure why it works out that way, as far I know they were printed in equal numbers.  1992 Bowman and 1984 Donruss are two sets that I think still carry the reputation of scarcity, though in my experience, they don't seem to be any harder to find than 1991 Bowman or '85 Donruss.  Probably just residual rookie card and Mattingly frenzy that hasn't quite worn off.  

Thanks for the cards "KB!"  

Updated Totals:

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