Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

These 10 Wallach cards, 1988 Topps Sticker Book and Sega Genesis RBI Baseball '93 instruction manual were sent by Dan of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  It's at least the fourth time Dan has sent cards in the last three years.  The Sticker Book is blank, but Dan was nice enough to tab what pages Wallach is mentioned on, same with the RBI Baseball instruction book.  The wrappers were what the cards were packed in, which is always a nice touch that a few readers make a point to do.

Also mentioned was that a few of the Topps were "Glow Backs."  I've probably have about 3,000 1991 Topps cards, and I'd say half of them are glow backs.  I'm more inclined to consider the "Bold" logo on the back a scarcity, but as I know, I count all of the "variations" as the same in my official tally.

Thanks for the cards Dan!

Updated Totals:


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