Sunday, September 18, 2022

Salem, Oregon

This package was actually sent to me way back in July, I've just been slow to keep up with stuff this summer.  Thankfully the tracking number on the package still worked, and I was able to determine that it was sent from Salem, Oregon, because the sender put my address as the return address.  That's one way to hedge against the potential of insufficient postage.  The cards were sent from Sean in Salem.  

Included with the 118 cards (116 of which are 1991 UD) were two autographed Expos Postcards.  The Expos Postcards are a pretty big hole in my Wallach collection.  The Canadian version of the 1984 Postcard is the only one I previously owned a copy of.  The two sent here are the 1986 (on the right above) and what is either the 1981 or 1983.  The photo is clearly from 1981, but there appears to be a possibility that the Expos reused the photo again in 1983.  I couldn't really find a lot out about these sets and there wasn't anything of help currently listed on eBay.  In any event, I'm happy to add them to the collection.

Thanks for the cards Sean!

Updated Totals:

1986 Topps x2: 480

1991 Upper Deck x116: 493

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