Monday, July 18, 2011

1995 Score #382

Card Review: 6.7  There aren't really any glaring flaws with this card, but at same time there's not much on the positive side for me to say about it either.  I'm not a fan of the colors, or the design.  The 3D effect on the front just mkaes the picture look smaller to me.  I do like the fact that Score included complete career stats on the back of the card, but that alone isn't enough to redeem this rather forgettable issue from Score.

Number of this card in my collection: 15
2012 update: 16
2013 update: 22
2014 update: 29
2015 update: 30 
2016 update: 40
2017 update: n/a
2018 update: 44
2019 update: 45
2020 update: 57
2021 update: 58
2022 update: 73

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