Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Portland, OR

 This card was sent by Gavin of "Baseball Card Breakdown."  The card isn't marked up with sharpie holiday decorations, that's a custom sheet inside the sleeve (like the old overhead projector notes my teachers used to use way back in the 1990's), but the card has been altered.  Gavin explained in a note that he exposed 1991 Fleer to a "lengthy, solar-powered process to modify the border color into a pleasant creamy tone."  Which if I understand correctly, is a fancy way of saying he left them out in the sun for a very long time.  Regardless, the effect is pretty cool.  Below are photos of the front and back of the card: 


You can see the back appears to be more or less unchanged.  I won't be counting this as a "unique" Wallach and will simply update the total number of 1991 Fleer by one in my collection.  However, this card has found a place in the back of the 3-ring binder where I keep one copy of each Wallach I have, along with a few other custom efforts people have been generous enough to send me over the years.

Thanks for the card Gavin!  It's very cool and I really appreciate it.

Updated Total: 

1991 Fleer: 244

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