Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Santa Monica, CA

This file folder was sent by Paul of Santa Monica, California.  By my records Paul also sent me cards back in January of 2016.  There could be some in between, so my apologies if I'm missing anything.  I've been lucky enough to accumulate close to two dozen of these folders over the years.  In real time, I had one of these in 1988, along with a few other players and a couple of the 1989 ones (Topps screwed up and omitted Wallach from their '89 player selection).  I ended up using my Wallach one for a solid 20 years, with a taped up hole punched folder taking me all the way through law school.  That original folder finally lost it's two decade battle to wear and tear, so I'm always happy to pick up new ones.

Thanks for the folder Paul.  I appreciate it.

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  1. Love those folders. I need to find one of those for whenever I put my '88 cards in a binder. Then I could put a printed version of the '88 Excel checklist in the folder which will also go in the binder. Thanks for sharing!