Thursday, May 13, 2021

Leesburg, GA


This autographed '84 Donruss was sent from Leesburg, Georgia by Dub Mentality.  It even has a little hologram sticker stuck to the back to show that it's legitimate.  I'm not an autograph expert by any means, but I can say I looked at this one a little bit closer due to the sticker.  I'd guess that wasn't the desired effect of the company printing off the stickers, but it's the effect it had on me.  Unfortunately, despite the closer inspection, my authenticating skills did not magically improve and I still don't have a clue.  It looks okay to me.  I can't imagine there is enough of a market for Wallach autographs to make forging them a worthy endeavor. 

That said, I am quite comfortable asserting that this is definitely an authentic 1984 Donruss card.  As someone who once got burned on eBay with a bogus 1984 Donruss Darryl Strawberry fifteen years ago or so, it's a set I always give a second look at now.  Some of you younger collectors may not remember, but back in the late 80's there was no shortage of knock-off copies of the 1984 Donruss Darryl Strawberry's and Don Mattingly's.  They were right up there with the '75 Yount and '63 Rose for popular cards to counterfeit.  I've yet to come across a counterfeit Wallach, and to be honsest, it's kind of disappointing that no one saw Wallach as enough of a prospect to counterfeit cards of back in the early 80's.

Thanks for the card Dub.

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1984 Donruss: 170

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