Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sunday Edition

1972 Topps Set Build

"Trade With Me...Please"

It's been nearly four years since I sleeved #710 Felix Milan into my 1970 Topps binder  and completed the set on April 8, 2017.  1970 Topps was the first series'd vintage Topps I ever completed.  It still remains the only such vintage set I've completed.  

Since that day in April back in 2017, I've turned my focus to the 1972 set.  In retrospect, probably not as much focus as I should have, being far too scatter shot in my multiple ongoing set building efforts, but it's certainly been my primary focus.  As of writing this, I sit 51 cards short of completing the 1972 set.  I've been hammering it pretty hard the last few months, and the end is in sight.  But I can also see the math, and at $3 to $10 apiece for the remaining cards, it could end up being a pricy 51 cards.

As it is, I have a lot of duplicates from 1972 Topps.  I'm talking an 800 count box full of duplicates, including a couple dozen high numbers and a lot of Hall of Famers.  So it occurred to me, maybe I should try the trade route I hear so much about on Twitter.  If you're working on the 1972 set, and have any needs, I'd love to work out a trade and take a break from shelling out dollars on eBay.  Here's what I'm looking for, and have to offer in return (the '72 in the picture at the top are all duplicates as well).

As far as my need list, #581 is one I have already, but would like to upgrade due to significant paper loss on the back.  Which isn't to say I care that much about condition.  Creases, non-existent corners, the stray pen mark, none of that really matters to me.  I just draw the line at paper loss.  For the most part, my duplicates are in VG-EX shape with a few outliers in either direction.

If you want to try to work something out, please, shoot my an email or reach out on Twitter.  Also it doesn't have to be '72 for '72, I'm more than willing to try to find something else you need, or if you need some of these but don't have any of the ones I'm looking for, take a look at my other need list, or even just ask, and I'll probably send you a handful to help out just to help out a fellow collector and reader of this blog.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I have very few '72 dupes, but I'll look and see if anything matches up and send it along with the Wallachs I have reserved.