Thursday, October 24, 2013

1986 General Mills booklet #6I

Card Review: 5.5  I much prefer this "action" shot to the generic portrait used by General Mills in their '87 set.  Though the '87 is interesting if for no other reason than it appears to be the same photo used on the '86 Topps All-Star card only with logos airbrushed off.  Like the '87 set, this '86 set came as a booklet, and someone cut the pages out to sell as cards.  It also appears to be running a year behind.  This photo looks like it was taken during the '84 or '85 season.  The cut job on this one leaves a little bit to be desired, but I'm not complaining.  That's Mitch Webster on the back.  Mitch had a way of looking like Wallach on his cards.  Much like this picture, his face always seemed to be obscured, and I feel like in every set I ever bought, I pulled his card before the Wallach, and thus eliciting a moment of false excitement on more than one occasion.

This card literally popped up on ebay while I was in the middle of drafting my "Most Wanted."  I debated going back and editing it to remove this card, but then I would have to wait another week to two weeks to receive this card in the mail, post about it, then publish the need list.

Maybe it's cheating technically, but I'm counting this as the first apprehension on my wanted list.  It'll be updated accordingly.

Number of this card in my collection: 1


  1. I finally put together a package of Wallachs last night including several nice ones as your prize for the Griffey giveaway. I'll be mailing it out this weekend. Just FYI...

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