Friday, July 26, 2013

1988 O-Pee-Chee Super Star #9

Card Review: 6.4 I think I slightly prefer the Topps version of this card.  The only difference is the logo  over Wallach's right shoulder.  Obviously the backs are different too, but these all have different backs. The "Super Star" subset was much smaller than the sticker set, so the "Super Star" backs all show up on multiple stickers.  I've seen at least six different variations with the Topps Super Star Wallach.  I don't know if it was completely random, or if it's always the same 6 (or whatever) stickers that have the Wallach Super Star back.  My hope is that it's completely random, because that would mean there is a possibility of a Wallach sticker with a Wallach Super Star back.  Then I'd be left with the welcomed debate as whether to count it as a '88 Sticker, '88 Super Star, or both.

Fun Facts
*This is a rare example of my only copy of this card having been sent by a reader.  Thanks to Max of "The Starting Nine."  Of course, at some point I expect to have more than one, so I'll go ahead and amend this to say, ....rare example of my first copy of this card having been sent by a reader.

Number of this card in my collection: 1
2014 update: 4
2015 update: n/a
2016 update: n/a
2017 update: 5
2018 update: 6
2019 update: n/a
2020 update: n/a
2021 update: 7
2022 update: 8

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