Friday, November 16, 2012

1993 Leaf #363

Card Review: 9.1  As far as crappy sets from the early to mid-90's go, this one is pretty nice.  A simple clean front with a cool King Kong/Godzilla style back.  I almost don't mind the lack of career stats.  I also very much appreciate the ribbon on the front which reads "1993."  Show me just a partial glimpse of a small part of one side of a card from 1952 to about 1989, I'll be immediately able to tell you the year, manufacturer, and what the other side of the card looks like.  Then things get a little blurry for me.  I admit, I often have to read the fine print to tell 1993 Studio apart from 1994 Studio.  So it's nice of Leaf to make it easy to tell.

Number of this card in my collection: 11
2013 update: 35
2014 update: 39
2015 update: 54 
2016 update: 71
2017 update: 72
2018 update: 77
2019 update: 104
2020 update: 106
2021 update: 107
2022 update: 145
2023 update: 146
2024 update: 151


  1. I think '93 Leaf would be in the running for my favorite card backs, especially in sets from the 90s.

  2. One of the greatest card backs of all-time:

    It's such a great card back that like you say, full stats aren't needed.