Monday, August 27, 2012

1990 Fleer Canadian #364 (Previously labeled "Fleer Glossy")

Card Review: 4.8  Feel free to jump in if I'm wrong, but this is a glossy version of the 1990 Fleer set.  I believe these were sold in factory sets like the other Fleer Glossy efforts, but I can't find proof of this anywhere.

Keeping with tradition, 1990 Fleer Glossy is nearly impossible to distinguish from the base set without close examination.  At least the backs on the '90 set make it a little easier.

****UPDATE APRIL 2013****
It has come to my attention that this is not in fact a "glossy" set but rather a Canadian set.  Hence, the near-impossible to detect "gloss" is not in fact there.  Now there are some varying opinions out there as to whether or not a "glossy" set was produced.  I'm not calling the people arguing that there was wrong, but based on my research I just think they're making the same mistake I was.  Maybe there is in fact a glossy set out there, but for now I'm comfortable assuming there is not.  This card has been relabeled in the title.

So the distinguishing feature is not extra gloss, but just the "PTD in Canada" shown below.  Not very exciting.

Number of this card in my collection: 2
2013 update: 3
2014 update: 5
2015 update: n/a
2016 update: n/a
2017 update: n/a
2018 update: n/a
2019 update: n/a
2020 update: n/a
2021 update: n/a
2022 update: 6

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