Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1988 Topps Super Star #9

Card Review: 6.5  These were the backs of the Topps Stickers from '88.  Most had two stickers on the reverse.  This one just had a foil Darryl Strawberry.  I believe there was a special page in the sticker book for the foil ones, or there was one per team page.  These were done in the style of the Topps All-Star cards of the 1980's with NL being blue and AL red.

Number of this card in my collection: 3
2013 update: 6
2014 update: 10
2015 update: 17 
2016 update: 25
2017 update: 26
2018 update: 29
2019 update: 34
2020 update: n/a
2021 update: 36

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