Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1988 Kay Bee #32

Card Review: 8.8 This card is yet another from one of the many 1988 box sets.  This card isn't half bad as far as these sets go.  The photo is cropped a little weird on the front, making the 6'3'' Wallach appear to be 5'5'', but it's a nice design.  The back is bit of a clone of the 1970 Topps backs.

I never liked Kay Bee toy stores as a kid.  They were always in malls and very over-priced.  They used to sell minture figurines made from some sort of metal and painted.  They looked amazing in the store, and I can remember buying a couple, however once I'd get home they became pretty useless when you only had a few of them.  So I had the odd green beret, Union Soilder and Indian that didn't fit with the action figures or the green army men.  Just overpriced junk from KayBee.

Number of this card in my collection: 3
2013 update: 10
2014 update: 23
2015 update: 24
2016 update: 25
2017 update: 28
2018 update: 30
2019 update: 36
2020 update: 38
2021 update: 39
2022 update: 40
2023 update: 42
2024 update: 43

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