Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1995 Collector's Choice SE #94

Card Review: 9.1  This really isn't a bad card.  The blue's a little loud, but I can live with it, and the back of the card is great.  These cards were one of the few sets at the time not to cost an insane amount for a pack.  I'm pretty sure they were a dollar a pack.

This was one of the last sets that I bought a lot of packs of before going on a pack buying hiatus for about twelve years.  In '95 I bought a lot of Topps, a lot of this SE, and a good amount of Fleer (don't ask me why).  In '96 I bought a decent amount of Topps chasing the non-existent Wallach, and in '97 I bought a few packs of Topps hoping for another non-existent Wallach.  I dind't buy another pack of cards until 2008 after that.

Number of this card in my collection: 3
2012 update: 5
2013 update: 14
2014 update: 20
2015 update: 29
2016 update: 33
2017 update: 34
2018 update: 43
2019 update: 47
2020 update: 50
2021 update: 51
2022 update: 53
2023 update: 56
2024 update: 69

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