Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1988 Topps Mini Leaders #58

Card Review: 8.1  A rare base-running shot of Tim Wallach.  This photo would have made for a fantastic base card in the '88 Topps set.  I don't have any issue with the photo Topps did use in 1988, it's just that this one would have been great.  Then again maybe the cropping wouldn't have worked so well on a larger card.  At some point when I have time I intend play with photoshop and find out for sure.  The photo used on the back was likely from the same sequence that was used for the '88 Topps All-Star card.

Fun Facts: *This shot was taken at Shea Stadium.
*The '88 Topps UK mini uses a photo that appears to have been taken during the same sequence.
*The photo on the back looks like it was taken at the same time as the one Topps used for his '88 All-Star card (and I use for the banner on this site)
Number of this card in my collection: 2 
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