Friday, March 25, 2011

1994 Upper Deck #408

Card Review: 4.8 This is an interesting photo for the front of a card.  Part of me likes that it's unique.  But a larger part of me is annoyed.  Is it supposed to be a card for Tommy Lasorda or Tim Wallach?  This card would have worked a lot better if the picture on the back were on the front, and photo on the front were on the back.  And I don't like how the same picture appears twice on the front, that space could be better used with a different photo, team logo, pretty much anything besides the same photo in black and white.
Fun Facts: *Wallach only wore #25 for one season, switching back to #29 for the '94 season.
*Lenny Harris wore #29 for the Dodgers in 1993
Number of this card in my collection: 33
2012 update: 40
2013 update: 48
2014 update: 52
2015 update: 62
2016 update: 68
2017 update: 71
2018 update: 76
2019 update: 79
2020 update: 82
2021 update: n/a
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  1. If they switched the pictures, it would have been a really good card.

    I always hated that small side image from this set. Really a waste of card space.

  2. I completely agree. The picture on the back is a much better photo.