Saturday, April 11, 2020

Sarasota, FL

It may not look like it but there are 430 Tim Wallach cards in the photo above.  They were all sent by Joe of Sarasota, Florida,...way back in January.  Sorry for the delay Joe.  325 of those cards above are 1987 Indiana Blue Sox cards.  That marks a significant increase in the number of that card in my collection, as I previously had one copy.

Thats what 325 copies of a 1987 Indiana Blue Sox card looks like when they're sorted in groups of 25 and put in team bags.  I haven't gone back and looked, but I'm willing to bet 325 is the most copies of a single card I've ever been sent by a reader.

Believe it or not, 325 copies of an obscure card that I previously only had one copy of was not the most interesting thing about this box sent by Joe.  It was these 11 1989 Topps Stickers.  Don't roll your eyes, Joe included math with his package. 

Try to follow along, if your currently home schooling kids it should be easy for you.  Joe opened three cases of 1989 Topps stickers.  Each case contained 24 boxes of stickers.  Each box contained 48 packs of stickers, and each pack contained 5 stickers.  That's 5,760 stickers per case, times three cases, equals 17,280 stickers.  There are 189 Stickers in the set (two players or "cards" to a sticker).  Statistically Joe should have pulled 91 or 92 copies of the Wallach sticker.  He pulled 11.  In his note he informed me that it was the only sticker in the set that appeared to be a short-print.  The other 188 stickers in the set all showed up in similar numbers.  So thank you Joe for sending all 11 my way.

Also included in the box were 22 copies of 1984 Topps.  That's a pretty good number of that card to receive at once, and not something that happens very often.

Finally I just wanted to highlight a few of the less commonly seen cards in the box.  Those are two copies of the 1988 Fleer Box Bottom, one of my favorite cards from the 1980's.  Also a 1988 and 1990 Sportfilcs, which may not sound that exciting, but I just don't come across very many of them.  Finally there's a 1995 Stadium Club "Virtual Reality" variation and a 1995 APBA Baseball game card.

Thanks for the cards Joe, and I'll see what I can dig up as far as Chris Speier and Jorge Orta cards.  And if any of you readers have Chris Speier or Jorge Orta cards you want to send Joe's way he asked me to post his address (he can probably find some 1989 Topps Stickers to send in trade, just a guess).

Joe D.
4762 Woodward Place
Sarasota, Florida 34233

Updated Totals:

1984 Topps x22: 413
1986 Topps: 425
1987 Donruss Opening Day: 56
1987 Indiana Blue Sox x325: 326
1987 Topps x27: 994
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best: 53
1988 Fleer: 308
1988 Fleer Box Bottoms: 17
1988 Sportflics: 10
1988 Topps x7: 756
1988 Topps All-Star x8: 777
1988 Topps Big x2: 69
1988 Topps U.K. mini x3: 93
1989 Score: 204
1989 Topps x4: 818
1989 Topps Stickers x11: 16
1990 Donruss x2: 519
1990 Score: 332
1990 Sportflics: 11
1990 U.S. Playing Cards: 35
1991 Leaf: 180
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier: 82
1991 Stadium Club: 139
1991 Topps x2: 301
1991 Upper Deck Checklist x3: 262
1992 Stadium Club: 73
1992 Topps x3: 255
1993 Leaf: 105
1993 Stadium Club: 75
1995 APBA: 1
1995 Stadium Club: 27
1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality: 6


  1. Glad to help. With all this social distancing and my health a little better, I have been going through more cards. Look forward to sending another package in the future. Best Always, Joe