Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Canada, parts unknown

"PD" sent me this card several months back but I'm just posting it now,...I was "busy?"  I believe it was sent from Canada given the postage, but there is no return address or cancellation mark to confirm that.  "PD" included a nice note that referenced joining other Expos fans in Montreal for Opening Day when baseball finally returns there, so I don't feel I'm going too far out on a limb to label this as a card from Canada.

As it stands, this is only my second copy of this card.  I acquired my first one as a kid, buying the three pack with the Wallach that these were packaged in at the same time I bought the player to play them on.  For those of you unfamiliar with this set, the back of the card has what amounts to a little vynal record attached to it that plays an interview with the player.  The original post for this card has the audio embeded from youtube so you can listen to it there if you're interested.  To my knowledge this is the second of three cards Topps has produced using the 1989 design, and I don't have any hesitation in saying this is my favorite of the three, as far as photo selection.  Obviously the size is an issue.  Here's a side by side:

There's nothing wrong with the other two, and the '89 base set card has the distinction of being the first time Topps ever used a photo of Wallach fielding, but I like the colors on this baseball talk one the best.

Thanks for the card "PD."

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