Monday, November 25, 2013

Ebay pick-ups

 Above is a recent lot of 48 Wallach cards I picked up on ebay.  As a general rule of thumb, I don't pull the trigger on lots unless it's under 10 cents a card with shipping.  This lot met that criteria, just barely.  The highlight for me was that off-centered '87 Topps.  I know it's not the most off-centered card in the world, but it's the most off-centered '87 Topps Wallach that I have (and I have a lot of them).  I guess when your dealing with 500+ of the same card, one's definition of "exciting" tends to change.  There were also a good amount of Tiffany cards mixed in, which I still find exciting.  All in all it was really nice lot, flush with early to mid-80's cards, which is far and away my favorite period.

Below is my 2nd copy of the '92 Donruss Durivage.  The upper right corner took a little ding during the shipping process inside the envelope, but the card and I will both survive.  One of my major pet peeves occurred immediatley after I sent payment for this card.  The seller almost instaneously listed another copy of it.  Really?  So I emailed him to ask how many he had because I would go ahead and buy them all at once rather than paying $4 a pop in having them shipped one at a time.  My hope was the response would be along the lines of "Oh, my bad, tell you what, I've got 4 more, you can have the 4 of them for 50% of and I'll ship them with the one you just bought."  Instead I got some canned sales pitch about "getting more soon, and check my ebay store regularly for other great deals."  So instead of taking more of my money, I let the potential 3rd copy of '92 Durivage sit on ebay (where it still remains) rather than click "Buy it Now."  I'll come back to this seller later once I have all of the other Wallachs.

Updated Totals for Cards Bought:

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