Saturday, October 3, 2020

eBay Pickup

I picked up these 352 Wallach cards on ebay recently at the very reasonable rate of a little over 4¢ a card shipped.  They arrived in the Lara Bar box, that is strikingly similar to a traditional Wax Pack display box.  I  miss the days of those boxes appearing next to the Snickers and Skittles boxes in gas stations.  Here's quick run down of what was included in the lot:

The most plentiful cards in the lot were 1988 Donruss, 1988 Topps All-Star, 1989 Donuruss, and 1990 Topps.  For the most part, there were between 2-8 copies of the cards with a few random singles.

There was a decent amount of early 80's Wallach's included, which is easily my favorite period of Wallach cards.  I'd go so far as to call 1983 the single best year for Wallach cards, but reserve the right to change that opinion on short notice and without any rational reasons.

There wasn't much as far as what I would call "exotic" or "rare" cards in the lot but there was the above assortment of Tiffany and Glossy.  The '87 Topps Tiffany and '89 Tiffany are two of the nicer examples of that card I've obtained.  I find the Topps Tiffany cards vary wildly in their appearance, with many having a sort of yellow tint, and yellowish borders instead of a clean white (or wood grain as with the '87) border.  I don't know if thats a result of how they've been stored, or was caused in the original printing process.

Updated Totals:

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