Thursday, January 23, 2020

Watertown, NY

These 19 cards were sent by the Nightowl.  Nightowl has turned Watertown, NY into a sort of airline hub of connecting envelopes of Dodger cards to various collector's all over the country.  I suspect his mailbox is likely responsible for the hiring of at least one extra part-time employee at the Watertown Post Office.

The Nightowl is always flush with Wallach cards from sets and years that are on relative short supply for me.  I have strong suspicion that there just weren't a lot of kids buying packs of Flair in the mid-90's, and as such, it's not often that I get envelopes with this sort of assortment.  If you check those numbers below, you'll see a lot of totals in the teens and twenties.  So it's always nice to be able to add to those totals, however gradual the process may be.

Thanks for the cards Greg.

Updated Totals:

1988 Fleer: 307
1993 Flair x2: 40
1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier x2: 31
1993 Stadium Club Dodgers: 8
1994 Flair: 12
1994 Leaf Limited: 20
1994 Pacific: 17
1994 Score Select: 30
1995 Collector's Choice: 39
1995 Collector's Choice SE: 48
1995 Flair x2: 18
1995 Pinnacle: 32
1995 Studio: 20
1995 Topps D3: 21
1995 Topps Finest: 14
1997 Collector's Choice: 29

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  1. You are also the beneficiary of the complete departure of Dodgers collectors on the blogs. Once, I used to be able to distribute my Dodgers to like 5 or 6 different people. Now it's down to 1 or 2, if I'm lucky.