Monday, May 20, 2019

McKinney, TX

22,000 Wallach Cards 
Reached with this Post

This huge assortment of 130 Wallach cards was sent by fellow Tim Wallach Superfan, Nick of McKinney, Texas.  Nick doesn't mess around when he sends his envelopes and has been, by no small margin, the single biggest contributor to blog in terms of total cards sent.  Which makes it somewhat appropriate that this posting of cards pushes my total over the 22,000 cards mark.  I feel like that's a lot.

As always, thank you for the cards Nick.  Here's a run down of the rest of the cards included in the package as well as updated totals:

Those cards on the endcaps are probably the two "rarest" cards included.  The one on the left is a '95 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Gold and the one on the right is a '96 Donruss Press Proof.  Those are only my second copies of both of those cards.

Of note in this group is the '86 Leaf, which is probably hard to distinguish from the standard Donruss in this photo, and the three '88 Fleer box set cards.  The Award Winners has always been one of my favorites due to it's heavy; reliance?, tribute?, influence?, stealing?,  of the '86-87 Fleer Basketball design.

That's a total of nine (9) 1992 Panini Stickers up there.  Previously I owned seven of them.  So Nick more than doubled my total, a feat that doesn't happen all that often and I like to point out when it does.  

Updated Totals:

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