Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1990 Collect the Stars Magnet #26

Card Review: 2.5  This magnet has spent the last two and a half years sitting atop my "Most Wanted List."  By no means did I believe it was the rarest card remaining on my Most Wanted List, which made it's elusiveness all the more frustrating.  These magnets are relatively easy to come by, but for some reason I could not track down a copy of the Wallach.  Then this comment was posted to my Most Wanted List:

Needless to say, this comment did not instill a whole lot of confidence in me as to the prospects of ever finding one.  I had more or less given up on it, and had actually considered removing it from my list with the assumption that they were never actually printed.  Then this showed up on ebay last week.  I did a quick double take, and immediately pulled the trigger.

As a "card" it's not much to get too excited about.  It's small, and for obvious reasons, has nothing on the back.  But it's got some things going for it.  For one, the random "Phoenix" written on the front is the kind of weird stuff that I really like.  That's the name of the company, but it could be confused as the "Phoenix Expos," which is kind of awesome.  Adding to the weirdness is that "Phoneix Ind." is actually located in Missouri (don't ask me, I have no idea).   I also like the back of the packaging with it's suggestions for use.  The front features a very strong photo.  At first glance the picture seems rather bland, but upon closer inspection, it's actually a very cool photo of a common shot.  The angle of the photo is different than the vast majority of Wallach cards with similar pictures.  For whatever reason, this particular photo stands out to me in a positive way.  It also gives a great look at the "Mims Band" on Wallach's left forearm.  It's a different color than the one I own, so now I have to go track down one of those. 

Further complicating things for me is that this "card" is still sealed in the package.  If I'm only going to have one, I prefer it be sealed like this, but now I want one to stick somewhere even more than I did before.  So the search will continue, even if it's now coming down off of the "Most Wanted List."

Number of cards in my collection: 1

FYI: A 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Rookie Reprint Gold Refractor #/1 (that's a mouthful) is now the number one card on my most wanted list.  I'm not very optimistic of ever finding it. I say "it" because there's only one.  Which is annoying.



  1. that's great to find a white whale like that. looks like the seller is sitting on a few of them - they've got another one posted for sale now.

  2. @GCRL I saw that he listed another one. That annoys me to no end. Had he listed "X" number available, I would have made an offer on all of them. As it is, I'm probably going to direct my card buying resources elsewhere for now.

  3. I just found 7 of these in my storage Alan trammel Paul O'Neill Orel hershiser running Sandburg Tony Gwynn Glenn Davis and Kevin Mitchell are they worth anything please let me know thank you

  4. @unknown Your best bet to check eBay and see what similar one's are selling for. They're aren't very many of them floating around, but they're aren't very many people looking to buy them either. Good Luck.