Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elgin, IL

This is another mailing from Jim in Elgin, IL.  It contained just one Wallach, but Jim filled it out with some other cards (more than just what is pictured here).  At some point I mentioned on here that I didn't think I owned a single card from the '98 or '99 Topps sets.  Jim took it upon himself to correct that problem.  It'll likely be awhile before I get around to tackling the 1995-99 Topps sets.  For now I'm focused on the 1970's and though I've made steady progress towards completing that decade, I still have ways to go.  When I do get the 1990's, I'm leaning towards just knocking out the complete sets and sleeving them.  Where as each card acquired from a set prior to 1975 feels like a major accomplishment, and is the source of a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment, the idea of the late 90's sets just feels like work.  Albeit, work my OCD demands that I complete.

Thank you for the cards Jim.

Updated Totals:

1987 Topps: 737

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