Monday, June 10, 2013

"Game Worn" Mims wristband

*Update*:  These wrist bands were made by a Company called "Mims Bands."

Allegedly this was worn by Wallach during a Spring Training game.  I don't really care if that's true or not.  I've seen these wristbands before, not a Wallach, but there were a few players that showed up on cards in the early 90's wearing what appeared to be wristbands with cartoon caricatures of themselves on them.

I dug around and couldn't find any photos of Wallach actually wearing one of these (probably a good thing).  I have no idea who made these and whether or not they were ever available for public sale.  There appears to be some sort of brand name stitched in white at the bottom, but I can't make it out.  It's not any easier to read in person than it is in the pictures.

The seller that sold these was selling a bunch of them.  I try to avoid publishing exactly what I pay for things, but in this case I'm going to make an exception.  Not to gloat, or bemoan the price, but in the name of science.  All of the seller's other listing ended about the same time, and it was kind of interesting to see what other players sold for.  Keep in mind these were all allegedly game (spring training) worn.  So here's a run down (I only bought this Wallach, but I took screen shots of others):

To set the "norm" I'm showing the Wallach 1st.  It ended up costing me $20 and there were 7 bids.  I had bid $29 as soon as I saw it and thought I was going to walk away with it for about $1 before a flurry of bidding activity in the last 24 hours.  $20 is more than I think it's worth, but I'll survive.

Jose Uribe: Sold for $12.01, and that seems about right.  He was a fan favorite in San Francisco, though I don't think he ever made an All-Star team

Glenn Davis: $15.50 again, seems about right.  Glenn had a few monster home-run years (relative to other guys in the mid 80's) but was never much more than a .230 hitter.  He was a 2x All-Star
Gerald Young: $20.50  Now I've heard of Gerald Young.  He had a couple of memorable cards with great action shots.  But over 8 forgettable seasons he averaged .246 and collected a mere 446 hits (55 per).  Why is Gerald fetching more than Wallach?

Cory Snyder: $25.25 Snyder never made an All-Star team in his 9 seasons, but I always liked him as a kid.  He had great '85 Olympic card, and some good seasons.  I imagine he is still well liked in the Cleveland area.  So while his career numbers pale to Wallach's, I'm not all that surprised or offended by the price.

 Barry Bonds: $31.00  No surprise that Barry Bonds fetched more than Wallach.  Only thing surprising really is that if the likes of Wallach, Snyder, and Young are going $20, that Bonds only went for $31
 I saved my favorite result for last.  This really brought a smile to my face.  I'm sure guys like Chris Sabo and Matt Williams were ok guys, but as a kid I couldn't stand them.  Every year Wallach would have to completely outplay them to make the All-Star team as an Expo, while they got to play in markets with much more exposure.   Howard Johnson was the worst in this regard.  He was treated like Mike Schmidt II.  This agitated me to no end, and living in Cooperstown at the time, there were a lot of Mets fans, and they all loved "Hojo."  Well, apparently nobody loves him anymore.

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