Monday, June 20, 2016

Peoria, IL

Regular contributor Tom, of Peoria, IL sent these cards recently, and joined an exclusive club in doing so.  Tom joined the ranks of those who have sent me cards I didn't previously own.  These are my first two '93 Cardtoons "Wallach cards."  I've known about these Cardtoons for years but have never pulled the trigger on any.  The main reason is I forget about them.  My daily ebay search is for "Wallach."  "Tim Wallet" usually doesn't show up, and when it does, I've always told myself to make a note and pick a few up next time I order on Sportslot.  Likewise, they don't show up under "Wallach" and Sportlots either, and as such, I've never actually remembered to pick any up.

Additionally, I've always been on the fence as to whether or not they should count as "Wallach cards."  I was going to pick some up eventually, regardless of my ultimate decision on that issue, but it was another factor holding me back and delaying me.  Tom took care of it for me.  Now I have two, and in hand, it was a pretty easy call, they're "Wallach cards."

Thank you for the cards Tom.

Updated Totals:

1991 Fleer: 141
1993 Cardtoons: 2
1994 Flair: 7

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