Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cards in the Mail

These cards (and the ones below) came from T.J. of The Junior Junkie.  T.J. has taken the time to draw that log on every envelope he's ever sent, which quite a few at this point.  I may need to send him a custom stamp. The card located sort of center/top above is actually a '92 Stadium Club of Andy Van Slyke.  It's a great shot, and I wouldn't have complained a bit had it been the Wallach card instead.  Topps used to use action pictures like this where you couldn't see the players face on a regular basis.  The '73 Set us full of them.  As it is, the '92 Stadium Club Wallach is not my favorite card.

The assortment of cards were actually were actually what I describe as being of the "premium" variety. In addition to the usual (and welcomed) suspects above, the four below are all a little less common.

That's a 2012 Leaf Memories (#'d out of 20), a '94 Finest Refractor, a '96 Collector's Choice gold, and probably my favorite card of the bunch, a well worn '89 Score.  For whatever reason, I really like the beat up cards.  I know I could easily make my own by stomping on some nice ones in the dirt, but would be cheating.  The '89 Score above appears to have found itself on the wrong end of someones shoe at some point along the way.

There was also also a Wallach card first for me included .  It's a "wrong-back" error of the '91 Score.  "Wrong-backs" weren't all that uncommon in the 80's and early 90's, but it's the first Wallach I've ever seen.  For now I'm not counting it in my '91 Score tally.  It's just going under the catch-all classification of "odd-ball."  No pictures, as it's going to get it's own post in a day or two.

Updated Totals

Thank you Junior Junkie.  And thank you for the other card you included as well.  Very generous of you.


  1. Aw, poop. I thought you needed that '96 Gold Sig. Oh, well. Glad they arrived so quicky. My faith in the USPS is restored...

  2. I have a '94 Score of Steve Scarsone featuring a Wallach cameo that I put on your stack that I'll get around to mailing one of these days.