Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recent Pick-Ups

I've been targeting the handful of cards that I still don't have a single copy of.  There aren't many, and for the most part I know where to find them.  I just hate paying $2 for a card that should cost 2 cents and then getting stuck with a $4 shipping fee on top of that.   To make the process a little less painful I always make a point to search the retailers inventory for other Wallach's.  Recently I've had some pretty good luck, particularly with the 2005 Rookie Cup color variations.  Most of the ones seen above came at 50 cents or less.  Which I think is fair.  Too often those pop up on ebay in the $4 range.

I also nearly doubled my Mother's Cookies collection, as well as picked up another '83 Stuart and '12 Leaf Memories.

New Totals:

2005 Rookie Cup "Red:" 9
2005 Rookie Cup "Orange:" 6
2005 Rookie Cup "Yellow:" 6
2005 Rookie Cup "Green:" 3
1994 Mother's Cookies: 2
1996 Mother's Cookies: 2
1983 Stuart: 6
2012 Leaf Memories: 3

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