Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cards in the Mail

I've had a flurry of envelopes stuffed with Wallach cards arriving of late.  These cards arrived from Greg in Watertown, NY.  Most regular readers of this blog probably know him as "Night Owl," the unofficial commissioner of the baseball card blog league.

This is the 2nd time Greg has sent cards, so there won't be any new addition to the map, but it's still very much appreciated.  I know it's hard for Greg to part with Dodgers cards.

Here are the updated totals for the cards sent:

1988 Topps UK Mini: 9
1990 Donruss: 145
1991 Donruss: 65
1991 Donruss MVP: 59
1991 Fleer: 46
1991 Score Franchise: 44 (Go Orange)
1993 Triple Play: 15
1995 Upper Deck: 15

Check out Night Owl's blog:


  1. Commissioner? Does that mean if we have a baseball card blogger draft everyone is going to boo me?

    I don't know if I like that.

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