Monday, July 1, 2013

1990 U.S. Playing Cards #5D Silver Series

Card Review: 4.9  As an individual card this "Silver Series" is nearly impossible to distinguish from the standard '90 U.S. Playing card.  The only real discernible difference is the way the corners are cut.  This Silver Series card has sharply cut corners, while the standard card has more traditional rounded playing card corners.  I've posted a picture below for comparison.

Thats the standard card on the left, and the Silver Edition on the right.  When looking at a full deck of these cards, and I don't have any other cards from this deck/set, the other difference is much easier to see.  The edges of these cards are painted silver.  Even knowing it was there, I had to tilt this card in just the right light to see the silver paint.

Below are some pictures I lifted from an ebay listing.  I didn't take the pictures and don't have the cards, but they clearly show that when a complete deck of cards is stacked that the borders are silver.

Number of this card in my collection: 1


  1. Seems like a cheap way to make an insert. ARe these expensive?

    If not, I'll go in on a deck with your for the Griffeys therein.

  2. As singles they cost about the same as the regular ones. I think this one cost me a buck plus absurd shipping, but it's the only one I've ever seen. The regular ones can be found pretty cheap (Wallach's in the 18-50 cent range) and aren't that scare.