Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cards in the Mail

The above assortment of cards arrived today from Jeff in Antelope, California.  It's 39 cards in all and a nice assortment.  Thank you very much Jeff, it's greatly appreciated.

A couple of notes on the cards that Jeff sent.  The '92 Stadium Club is the first one that I've picked up since I posted on it.  That's a bit of a strange anomaly.  At least I think it is, maybe people are hoarding massive amounts of '92 Stadium Club.  It was also nice to see some '90 Donruss and '91 Fleer.  I really like the red and yellow (I know many others don't).  For some reason despite the copious amounts of these sets that are out there, I don't see many of these two cards come across my desk.  My final observation is the '91 Upper Deck.  I love this card, but I also love the '91 UD Checklist, which is the Perez painting of Wallach.  More often than not when I buy large collections (100+) I'll receive a good a number of the '91 UD base card, but none of the checklist.  I think this is due to a lot of online reference sites not including it as a "Wallach."  I actually go out of my way now to let private dealers know that I want that card as well when I purchase large lots.  

Here are the updated totals for the cards sent by Jeff:

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