Monday, May 13, 2019

1991 Stadium Club Printing Error

My sorting process for Wallach cards has evolved of the years.  When I pick up a half dozen or so new Wallachs, be it by eBay or the generosity of a stranger by mail, it's not very time efficient to go to the stacks and try to log them into their proper place.  I keep an 1,800 count shoe box for new cards to go into.  When it begins to fill up, that's when I break down and sort the new arrivals into the mix with the other 20,000 plus Wallach's.  It's tedious, but I enjoy it.

Recently while undertaking that task, I was thumbing through a small stack of '91 Stadium Club, counting out 25 at a time to place into team bags, when the card above on the left caught my eye.  It's missing the gold foil stamping.  I'm pretty sure I've seen these pop up on eBay before, but it never interested me enough to pay the asking price for one.  That said, it was pretty cool to find one in the wild like this.

I'm not  a huge "error guy" when it comes to Wallach's, I actually prefer things like wildly off-centered cards or grossly off caliber color printing levels, but I do have a few wrong backs, blank-fronts, blank backs, and things of that nature.  This will find it's way into a binder with those.

Below is the card back, which as you can see is perfectly normal.

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