Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Edition - Mail Time

The "One Man's Junk" Blog sent me these set building needs.  I'd say "recently sent," but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that recently.  I moved into a new home back in August of 2017.  In the build up to that move, and subsequent settling in after (it's still ongoing) this blog has been neglected.  I have an absurd amount of mail piled up that I need to post, and haven't really been collecting as much as I would like in general.

I've been trying to catch up though, and in the process of those efforts, I came across three envelopes from Spring of 2017.  I'm actually assuming this is from that period because the other two are, but this one lacks a cancelation stamp.  Someone just took a pen to the postage.  In any event, they're welcome acquisitions and very much appreciated.  Sorry for the delay Jeff.

Here's a link where I stand on these four sets after these additions.  Take a look if you're interested or may have duplicates you're looking to swap.

I said above that I haven't been collecting as much, which isn't to say I haven't been collecting at all.  I still search eBay daily for Wallach items, I've nearly completed the 2018 Topps set, and have a good start on 2019.  I've also been picking up the occassional low grade vintage card.  In fact the two below arrived in the mail this week:

This 1966 Pete Rose has taken on the title of "oldest Pete Rose in my Collection."  I believe for a lot of collector's between the age of say about 37-50, the 1963 Topps Pete Rose is engrained in our brains as the single most important baseball card in existence.  I'm sure slightly younger collector's may view the '84 Donruss Mattingly or '68 Ryan that way, but for a certain demographic, it's the '63 Rose. 

When Pete Rose was making his assault on Ty Cobb's record, my brother and I were young kids just getting into full on card collecting.  Pete Rose may have well been Babe Ruth to us.  His '63 Rookie was as "big" as baseball cards got.  To this day it remains #1 on my want list, and over the last year I've had a separate eBay fund set aside with the purpose of eventually buying a PSA 1 or 2.  I'm a ways away but I'll get there.  For now, this '66 (which arrived shipped for less than the price of a hanger pack) replaces my 1970 Rose as the my oldest Rose.

 I'm not a huge Cubs fan, but when I see a chance to own a '62 Banks (shipped) for the price of a couple of packs of 2019 Topps, I set aside my South Side prejudices, and pull the trigger.  There's also a strong possibility that '62 will be the next set I try to complete once I put 1953 in the books (I'm actually pretty close), so it doesn't hurt to get a head start.

Some one clearly loved this card, or more likely Ernie, as evidenced by the hearts written on the back.  The pen marks don't bother me any more than creases or rounded corners, but they do make me feel a little guilty.  If there was a way to find out who put them there, I'd be inclined to return this card to them.  I'm not going to seek them out, but in the off chance they ever stumble upon this, consider the offer on the table.  And not that anyone would try to scam me, but there's a sister card to this one that I'm not posting and will want to hear about before I send it off your way.

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