Friday, April 13, 2018

Lake Barrington, IL

This package of 41 cards from Lake Barrington, Illinois is the third one I've received from "Storms" over the years.   It's easily the most eclectic assortment of Wallach cards I have ever been sent.  "Storms" indicated in a note he included that he had recently picked up a large lot of Expos on eBay and these were the Wallach's that were in it.  He also mentioned he believed the stickers to be rare.  In my experience, they are tough to come by.  They're "Red Foley" stickers that were issued from 1987 through 1992.  They're rare enough that since I first discovered them back in 2014, I've only added two to my collection, from any year.  Prior to this envelope arriving the most I owned of a single one was 3 copies.  That's obviously no longer the case.  Typically, it bugs me a little when I more than double the number of a single card, because it means someone else had more, but with these stickers I don't really mind.  

Also included were some nice food product issues, and a couple somewhat tough Donruss cards with the 1990 Learning Series (1st new one since 2012) and Baseball's Best.  The final real "gem" in here is the 1993 LAPD D.A.R.E. card.  While the card itself isn't much to look at, is extremely thin, and is a very dull design, they are very tough to come by.  So I'm happy to add another.  Thank you for the cards Storms.

Updated Totals:

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