Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Edition

I've been extremely slow to update this blog of late, and as a result have a good number of envelopes piling up that I need to get to.  For today, I'm going with three recent arrivals from Jim of Elgin, IL.  Jim has been the patron saint of recent Topps Base Set needs for me the last three years or so, and has been wildly generous with his mailings.  Thank you Jim.  Here's a look at his recent contributions:

Jim has knocked out a huge number of 2008 Topps for me.  This grouping included one of my favorite players of the last decade, Dontelle Willis.  I've always been a sucker for pitchers who can hit.  I went to a ton of Tigers games in the Spring of 2008, and this Willis reminded me how the tickets were made up to look like these 2008 baseball cards.  I need to dig around and see if I still have any.  In anyevent, with these cards I'm not a mere ten cards away from finally completing 2008.

2008: 90, 209, 258, 457, 476, 518, 541, 618, 623, 643 

Five more 2011 Topps, including Robinson Cano and cool looking Alex Rodriguez that I hadn't previously seen, bring me within five of putting this set to bed.

2011: 100, 135, 138, 145, 155 

And finally, a good number of 2012 Topps, including local New Mexico product, Jordan Pacheco.  I haven't actually listed my series 2 needs for this set (it's probably only about half complete), but I am very close to wrapping up series one.

2012: 7, 30, 52, 60, 82, 97, 99, 109, 119, 150, 158, 159, 178, 179, 185, 188, 199, 213, 239, 245, 275, 330, 334, 349,....and lots more

Thanks for the cards Jim.

And if you've sent Wallach's, I hope to keep busy this week and should get to a good number of them.

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