Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mira Foundation Button

This is button was (apparently) put out by the Mira Foundation.  A quick google search shows that the Mira Foundation is still very much an active group.  Per their web page, "The MIRA Foundation is totally dedicated to helping disabled individuals by pairing them with dogs bred and fully trained to respond to their adaptation and rehabilitation needs. All of MIRA’s services are made available free of charge to individuals with one or many visual or motor disabilities, and to children presenting an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)." 

Occasionally I'll do a "Montreal Expos" search on ebay to see if anything interesting pops up.  It's rare that I find something Tim Wallach related, but that's how I found this button.  The listing made zero mention of Tim Wallach in the title or description.  But that's definitely Wallach.  This is easily my biggest success to date on the generic "Montreal Expos" search.  I love odd ball items like this and really don't have very many of them. 

The button is two inches in diameter and has a generic silver back.  I have no idea how these were distributed or wha it's from.  My best guess is about 1986 or '87.  I'm basing that guess on Wallach's stirups and nothing more, so it's not exactly "scientific."

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