Saturday, February 18, 2017

Portland, OR

These 34 cards were sent by Kerry of "Cards on Cards."  Kerry conveniently included a print out of his blog logo and address, which is much appreciated as I don't have to sit and try to figure it out now.  I've noticed a few bloggers have taken that step of printing out business cards or leaflets like this, and few have a stamp that they use.  I need to do something similar, though I've been saying that for two years or so now.  I'm thinking stickers, but who knows.

Thanks for the cards Kerry, I've already pulled some "Cards" to send your way.

Updated Totals:

1988 Topps All-Star x2: 584
1989 Donruss x5: 325
1990 Bowman x3: 87
1990 Donruss x3: 360
1990 Score: 196
1990 Upper Deck: 234
1991 Donruss: 197
1991 Fleer Ultra: 69
1991 Score x3: 199
1991 Score Franchise x3: 147
1991 Topps x3: 206
1991 Upper Deck x3: 254
1991 Upper Deck Checklist x3: 189
1992 Pinnacle: 90
1992 Score: 71

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