Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ebay Acquisitions

I tend not to do a lot of Wallach card shopping on ebay.  For the most part, it's just too expensive.  Or at least, not as cost efficient as other online alternatives.  However, I still check it daily for cards and other items that may pop up.  Recently I picked up some cards.  Above is a lot of 68 1982 Topps Wallach's I picked up at a very good rate.  Whenever I pick up a large lot like this, the hope is always to find some sort of oddball in the group, one with a weird ink variation or that is extremely miscut.  Something like that.  This group included one of the more miscut '82 Wallach's I've seen.  When you're dealing with duplicates in large numbers, this sort of thing is exciting.

I also recently picked up a lot of 111 Wallach cards on ebay.  A good number of them (28) ended up being '86 Topps Stickers, and decent amount of other assorted mini's and stickers as well.  Generally speaking I'm not wild about mini cards or stickers.  They just don't seem like "real" cards to me.  But if I can pick up a bunch at once like this, I don't mind.

My third, and final, recent ebay pick up I'm showing with this post is a lone 1989 Upper Deck card.  I bid on it more out of curiosity than anything else.  The seller listed it with "free shipping."  I "won" it for 12¢.  I expected it would probably arrive in an envelope that was obviously sent from someone's place of business, but it didn't, it was sent in a PWE with a regular stamp, and in a top loader.  Unless this guy is stealing stamps, I can't see his ebay enterprise being a success.

Updated Totals:  

1982 Topps x68: 902
1983 Topps Stickers: 33
1984 Topps x2: 204
1984 Topps Stickers: 8
1985 Topps x3: 260
1986 Fleer mini x2: 32
1986 Topps Stickers x28: 31
1987 Fleer: 165
1987 Topps x3: 708
1988 Donruss x2: 665
1988 Fleer mini: 14
1988 Topps: 538
1988 Topps AS: 526
1988 Topps Sticker: 21
1988 Topps Super Star x4: 21
1989 Bowman: 125
1989 Donruss x5: 280
1989 Fleer: 240
1989 Score: 150
1989 Upper Deck: 163
1990 Bowman: 78
1990 Donruss x3: 310
1990 Topps Mini Leaders x2: 6
1990 Topps Sticker: 2
1990 Topps Super Star x5: 13
1990 Upper Deck: 192
1991 Donruss MVP: 140
1991 Fleer x2: 129
1991 Score x2: 167
1991 Score Franchise: 126
1991 Topps x2: 175
1991 Upper Deck checklist: 150
1992 Donruss: 140
1992 Leaf: 61
1992 Pinnacle: 77
1992 Stadium Club: 32
1992 Studio: 28
1992 Topps: 159
1992 Upper Deck x2: 214
1993 Donruss: 74
1993 Leaf: 55
1993 Upper Deck: 94
1994 Collector's Choice x2: 31
1994 Leaf x2: 34
1994 Ultra: 34
1995 Collector's Choice x4: 26
1995 Collector's Choice SE: 30
1995 Donruss x3: 29
1995 Score x2: 32
1995 Topps Cyber Stats: 13
1996 Collector's Choice Ser.II: 19
1997 Collector's Choice: 20


  1. I read in a forum somewhere (maybe the Blowout Cards forum?) that most of the orders those sellers with low-price commons and free shipping get are bulk orders from set builders who buy enough cards at a time to justify the shipping cost. They seemed to be in agreement that for the most part they got enough of those orders in to offset the occasional order where they lose money on shipping.

  2. That's my standard ebay search when I am bored - baseball cards sorted by lowest price with shipping. Go through, throw some bids and if I win - great. If not, who cares.