Friday, September 12, 2014

Kenner, Louisiana

These cards were sent by this blog's most frequent contributor, "The Junior Junkie."  As always, thanks for the cards T.J., and you're way ahead of the curb with the custom return label and stamp.  I assume those Studio are from the box you just busted.  I'm not judging, but I were to judge, I'd call you insane for busting a box of '91 Studio.  Insane in a good way.

Updated Totals:

1984 Fleer: 81
1987 Topps: 574
1989 Fleer: 164
1990 Bowman: 51
1990 Topps x2: 237
1990 Upper Deck: 133
1991 Fleer Ultra: 39
1991 Studio x2: 42

1 comment:

  1. Those are indeed from the Studio box. As soon as I pulled the second one I knew I'd have at least one to send you. I kept the other one, but I will be sure to will it to you in the event of my own untimely death.