Monday, July 7, 2014

Induction Poster 2014 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

This is the "Induction Poster" they sold during the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction weekend.  It measures 23''x18'' and is printed on nice paper stock.  You might notice that it's identical to the "mini-poster."  Spoiler alert, it's identical to the program cover too.  This was probably the most disappointing item that I received.  As I mentioned in the post for the mini-poster, I bought these blind.  A Tim Wallach poster was one of those things I spent the better part of my childhood hoping someone would make, but no one ever did. (Thanks a lot Sports Illustrated and Starline)  The closest I got was an Expos Poster with small rectangle pictures of the players, each about the size of a large postcard.  I went so far as to buy two, cut the Wallach photo out, and then carefully tape it over a player on the "NL Superstars" poster made in the same style by the same company.  (The links are not to my actual posters, just images I stole from ebay.  Mine met there demise many years ago)

So I was kind of hoping this would be a large poster devoted only to Wallach, even if I am 20 years removed from being able to thumbtack it up on the wall of my room.  I was prepared for a let down, though, this was more disappointing than I expected.  It works for the mini-poster, which is more or less a informational flyer, ditto for the program.  I can see how people would want a quick reference to the weekend's activities.  No one though is going to roll out this huge poster to check what time the golf banquet is.  They should have given more space to the four inductees.

I'm not sure this ends up framed at the end of the day.  What I'll likely end up doing is framing one of the mini-posters or programs in a manner fancier than they warrant, rather than devoting my limited wall space to this guy.  In any event, I'm glad I have it, even if it didn't reach it's full potential for "awesomeness."

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