Monday, July 7, 2014

"Mini-Poster" 2014 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

That's not the "Mini-Poster" above.  That's the box it arrived in though.  I couldn't make it to St. Mary's, Canada for the induction weekend. It fell on the same day as my daughter's birthday, I couldn't afford to miss the work, and it's not an easy place to get to when your starting in Farmington, New Mexico.

But I was able to pick up a phone and call the Museum, and they were gracious enough to let me order all the souveniers I would have been able to buy had I been there in person.  The box above is what they were shipped in.  I hope to get them all posted this week.  I'm starting with the "Mini-Poster," which was not nearly as impressive as it sounded over the phone.  I bought all of this stuff blind, but the prices were reasonable and it's a organization I don't mind supporting.  These "Mini-Posters" below set me back a $1 a pop, programs were a whopping $2.  So good for the Canadian Hall for not fleecing it's patrons.  Having grown up in Cooperstown, I can't say the same for their American counterpart.

These "Mini-Posters" are made of pretty good glossy paper stock and measure 9'' x 11.5,'' which makes for a bit of an odd size.  Too large for my scanner, and too large for the sleeves in my 3-ring binder.  Which means they'll likely be banished to the dark corner of my closet with all the other misfit odd-ball stuff too cumbersome to be displayed.

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  1. Measure those posters in centimeters - be it comes out even.