Monday, June 23, 2014

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction

Tim Wallach was officially inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend along with Dave Van Horne, Murray Cook, and Jim Ridley.  Congratulations go out to all four.

I check "twitter" every couple of days to see what pops up for a "Tim Wallach" search.  Occasionally there will be a link to a radio interview, or MLB Network appearance that I wouldn't otherwise have known about.  It's not unusual for there to be spans of over a week where nothing new pops up.  This weekend though, that was not the case.  New stuff was popping up left and right and being "retweeted" over and over again.  It was sort of cool.  Easily the best thing I came across was an article by Stu Cowan in the Montreal Gazzette.  It's a brief, well-written piece, that is worth the quick read.  Click this or the screen grab below to read it.

This is of course a blog about Tim Wallach baseball cards first and foremost.  So perhaps the biggest development of this weekend was the news that the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame produced a four card set of all the inductees.  Some money grubbing loser is already selling autographed sets on ebay at absurd prices.  Somehow I doubt he mentioned his intent to post them for sale before the end of the weekend when he or she was shoving sharpie's in the inductee's faces.  Regardless, I'll now have to devote some time and effort to tracking down an unsigned copy or two (or 50) of the Wallach.

Congratulations again to the four inductees.

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  1. I was sorry I couldn't get there to pick up anything for you. I'll keep looking though. The late Jim Ridley, former scout, used to be my neighbour when I lived in Burlington. His twin boys and daughter were there to accept. Used to have some good conversations with him. Well deserved for all inductees.