Friday, June 20, 2014

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend

This weekend is induction weekend at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.  I've tried my best since this was announced a few months ago to come up with a way to make going there feasible, but just couldn't justify the expense, nor afford the time away.  This whole lawyer thing can be time consuming sometimes, especially when people keep getting arrested and demanding things like first appearances in a timely manner, etc.

At some point I'll make up there, but I'm going to have to miss induction weekend.  I figure eventually Wallach will win a handful of World Series as a manager, so I'll just have to wait until Cooperstown calls his name.  I grew in Cooperstown and graduated from high school there (only player my senior year to hit a ball out of Doubleday Field) so it'll be slightly easier to make travel arrangements.

So if your lucky enough to be there this weekend, I'd love to hear about your experience, and please, grab whatever random trinkets you see.  Don't go spending money on hooded sweatshirts or autographed bats and sending them my way expecting to be paid back though.  I'm much more interested in fliers, ticketstubs, golf tournament tees, things of that nature.  Free incidentals for lack of a better description.  I really wish I could be there myself.

Here's a screen shot from their website, which is worth looking at in much more detail:

There's been much more Wallach news on the internet than normal the last few days, so forgive me if this blog has more post than usual that aren't really baseball card related.  Here are some more links below, click the title for the whole article:

From "Canadian Baseball Network"

A nice article from "IFPress"on Wallach and a minor leaguer who finally got the call

And finally, the first of what will likely be a few pictures from Induction Weekend, this one courtesy of the "Expos Nation" twitter feed (or whatever twitter posts are called).

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