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1981 Dimanche-Derniere Heure

Card Review: N/A This 8.5 x 11 insert ran in the Montreal Newspaper "Dimanche-Derniere" on June 7, 1981.  The paper stock is very thin, only slightly sturdier than a standard magazine page.  These inserts ran from 1972-83.  The backs are blank.  For years I've seen the Wallach pop up in online checklist, but had never acquired one.  What I didn't realize was that there was more than one.  The checklist I've seen it appear in give the impression that there was only one.  Then a seller on ebay posted two, this one from 1981 and another from 1983 (will post on that one soon).  So I'm presuming there is at least one more out there that I need to acquire from 1982.  As it stands this is the oldest confirmed Wallach item in my collection that is a quasi-card.  I have a souvenir cup that I suspect is older, and the ticket stub from his first major league game.  But those aren't cards.  I'm not counting this as a card either, despite the fact it shows up on checklist and I'm storing it in my card album.

Below is the description of the 1972-83 Dimanceh-Derniere set that I lifted from the Beckett Website:

The blank-backed photo sheets in this multi-sport set measure approximately 8 1/2" by 11" and feature white-bordered color sports star photos from Dimanche Derniere Heure, a Montreal newspaper. The player's name, position and biographical information appear within the lower white margin. All text is in French. A white vinyl album was available for storing the photo sheets. Printed on the album's spine are the words, "Mes Vedettes du Sport" (My Stars of Sport).The photos are unnumbered and are checklisted below in alphabetical order according to sport or team as follows: Montreal Expos baseball players (1-117; National League baseball players (118-130); Montreal Canadiens hockey players (131-177); wrestlers (178-202); prize fighters (203-204); auto racing drivers (205-208); women's golf (209); Patof the circus clown (210); and CFL (211-278). 

And here is a translation (per google, and my best guesses when their translation didn't make sense) of what is written on the card.

Tim Wallach (29)  Outfielder
Age: 22, turns 23 on September 14...Born: Huntington Park, California, September 14, 1958... Lives: Tustin, California...Height: 6'3''...WeightL 220 lbs...Throws right and bats right....Acuired: Expos 1st pick in the regular draft, June 1979; signed under contract, June 20, 1979, by scout Jack Paepke; promoted to the Majors September 1, 1980...31 days major league experience...1980 Season: Could have easily won the Rookie of the Year and MVP Awards of the AAA American Association, had it not been for his Denver teammates, Randy Bass and Tim Raines, who respectively won those awards, despite a .281 Avg., 36 HR's and 124 RBIs....Personal: Married Lori Bickford, October 10, 1980...Favorite hobby is racketball.

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  1. I didn't realize there were differences between years either. Every Virdon I have ever seen has the exact same picture I never paid any attention to the txt though. I'm going to have to look over the Virdon ones a little harder to make sure there isn't any differences.